Golden Bio is full of energy.

Golden Bio is a very good supplier of carbohydrates, proteins,
vitamins, and minerals and has exactly 0.2% fat. Besides, the nutrients in Golden Bio are absorbed particularly well by the body in a form that acceptable for the metabolism. They provide fast energy without overtaxing the body - an ideal source of energy not only for athletes, but for children and elderly people, too.

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Infos zu Nährwertangaben für die Golden Bio   Nutritional Value

You want to know everything about it? That’s no problem. The nutritional value table shows you in detail, which vitamins, nutrients and mineral substances are in a Golden Bio and how much is in every 100g. If you’re curious just click here.
Infos zum Kohlenhydrategehalt der Golden Bio

Golden Bio makes you happy.It
helps the body to generate the
same happy hormones you get by eating chocolate - but they are
much healthier. And because they’re almost fat-free, the body is not overtaxed with their sweetness.
You can find out why this is also a form of diabetes protection here.
Infos zu Ballaststoffen   Fibre

You can lower your cholesterol level - and the risk of heart and circulatory illnesses - by eating Golden Bio. Golden Bio also regulates the peristalsis and prevents the risk of cancer of the intestine. You can find all detail here
  Vitamins and Minerals
Vitamin- und Mineralstoff-Tabelle

Everyone knows that our bodies need vitamins and minerals. Less known is that these substances are responsible for generating energy in our bodies. Find out more about the vitamins in Golden Bio, and how they function in the body. here
Infos zu Fett, Eiweiß und Wassergehalt der Golden Bio   Fat, Proteins, and Water

Do you know which food gives you all the important vitamins and minerals, puts you in a good humour, provides the body with fluid and is almost fat-free? Of course you do! Golden Bio is an all-round wellness snack. If you still need to be convinced just click here
  Infos zu Nährwertangaben für die Golden Bio
  Nutritional Value of 100g Golden Bio

95,2 Kcal
73,8  g
1,1  g
0,2  g
21,4  g
Non-saturated fatty acids
0,1  g
2,0  g
1,0 mg
393,0 mg
36,0 mg
9,0 mg
28,0 mg
0,6 mg
0,2 mg
7,7 mg
Vitamin A
38,0 µg
Pro-vitamin A
0,2 mg
Vitamin E
0,3 mg
Vitamin B1
0,0 mg
Vitamin B2
0,1 mg
Vitamin B6
0,4 mg
Vitamin B9
15,0 µg
Vitamin C
12,0 mg

  Infos zum Kohlenhydrategehalt der Golden Bio

Golden Bio makes you happy but it’s not fattening. The sweetness in the banana consists of so-called complex carbohydrates. These come in a form that is very easily absorbed into the metabolism by the body. The banana ranks first among all other fruit because it contains up to 23 % easily digestible carbohydrates.

The WHO recommends using the Glycaemic Index (GI) for the choice of carbohydrates. It’s better for the body when the GI is low, because there is no sudden rise in the blood-sugar level. Otherwise, the pancreas would have to produce excessive amounts of insulin to bring the blood-sugar level down to a normal level again. The pancreas cannot cope with continually high amounts of sugar. When it’s overtaxed, the function weakens and the risk of diabetes is higher.

Compared to its high nutritional value, Golden Bio has a relatively moderate GI ranging from 50 to 60 depending on the degree of maturity. Golden Bio is an outstanding energiser and, at the same time, it reduces the risk of diabetes. With only 95 calories per 100 gram, the banana cuts a good figure in the true sense of the word.

  Infos zu Ballaststoffen

Pectin is one of the fibres that reduce the risk of gallstones, because it binds the gall acids. At the same time, the body uses cholesterol to produce new gall fluids. This sinks the cholesterol level and with it the risk of heart and circulatory diseases.

The fibre contained in Golden Bio, regulates intestinal activity, prevents constipation, promotes healthy intestinal flora and has a laxative effect on harmful substances. In this way, Golden Bio contributes to a reduction of the risk of intestinal cancer.

Due to the positive effect on the body, nutritionists recommend 30-40g of fibre every day. Golden Bio contains 2% of this important food fibre - a relatively high amount compared to other foods.

Digestion enzymes have difficulty in processing fibre, and they are only completely metabolised by the micro flora in the colon. This process lasts for up to ten hours and provides the body with a continuous repletion feeling and a balanced blood-sugar level.

    Vitamins and minerals  
  Vitamin- und Mineralstoff-Tabelle

Vitamins are indispensable for the body’s ability to function.
They are needed to metabolise and utilize nutrients and are therefore responsible for the process of generating energy. Bananas contain a whole range of these important elements, which the body cannot produce itself and has to get from food.

Pro-vitamin A
The body needs this vitamin for growth, for the function and growth of skin and mucous membrane as well as for sight. Because the pro-vitamin is transformed into a vitamin inside the body and this absorbs only as much as it needs, an over-dosage is impossible.
Vitamin B1
The body needs this so-called mood vitamin to maintain the function of the nerve tissue and the cardiac muscle. Fitness and memory depend on this vitamin. It strengthens the blood circulation, is necessary for the production of gastric acid and
important for the generating energy from carbohydrates.
Vitamin B2
plays an important role - primarily in growth.
Vitamin B3
is an important element of different coenzymes, which works like triggers and without which the body could not metabolise properly nor absorb proteins, fat, and carbohydrate.
Vitamin B5
is involved in the building and breakdown process of carbohydrates,
fat, amino acids as well as in the synthesis of cholesterol.
Vitamin B6
works as a coenzyme in about 100 enzymatic reactions. Almost all these reactions take place in the amino acid metabolism. Another important task of this vitamin is as a co-factor in the synthesis of delta aminolevulinic acid.
Vitamin B9
A lack of this vitamin affects the haemogram in particular and can lead during a pregnancy to embryonic deformities and a premature birth. A sufficient supply of folic acid is also essential for people with heart and circulatory diseases.
Vitamin C
Vitamin C works as an anti-oxidative and helps to protect the fatty acids from oxidation. It steers the body’s collagen production and plays an important role in building amino acids.
Vitamin E
is said to protect against heart attacks, cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease, slow down the aging process, protect the red blood corpuscles, strengthen muscles and nerves, improve circulation, and prevent vascular deposits.
is one of the essential minerals, primarily for its function as a sodium-antagonist. It strengthens the bones and the heart muscle and protects against strokes.
A magnesium insufficiency can lead to cardiac rhythm deviation and muscle cramps and is said to have a negative effect on stress and depression. A lack may also lead to a heart attack.
is a central part of haemoglobin, and it steers the transport and storage of acidy substances in the body.

    Fat, protein and water  
  Infos zu Fett, Eiweiß und Wassergehalt der Golden Bio

Besides important nutrients, a lot of food contains too much fat. This is certainly not so with Golden Bio bananas. They have merely 0.2 g fat in every 100 g fruit – and that’s really something, because they contain the essential non-saturated fatty acids the body needs.

Although Golden Bio bananas have merely up to 1.2 % protein, they contain all eight essential amino acids, the most important building elements for proteins and new body cells. Because it cannot produce the amino acids itself, the body is dependent on getting them through the food.

Serotonin, which is built up from amino acids is a true miracle-worker. This transmitter substance, known as the happiness hormone, regulates the body temperature; controls the sleep patterns and rhythm, and stimulates wellness as well as the sexual drive. The good news is that there is 7.7 mg serotonin per 100 g in bananas. The bad news is that the body cannot absorb the serotonin contained in the food we eat. Nevertheless, the high amount of carbohydrates in bananas helps the body to produce its own serotonin, which can then develop fully in the brain. That’s why Golden Bio bananas are known as happiness food, without the negative consequences of e.g. chocolate.

Adults need to drink a minimum of two litres of fluid a day. Although it may not look like it, the banana consists of up to 73 % water. Only water enables the body to transport the nutrients in the food to the places they are needed.

    Because it makes you beautiful  
  Weil`s schön macht

Golden Bio bananas do the body a real favour - not only when eaten. They are immensely popular in the cosmetic industry, e.g. in shampoos with banana extract. Some beauty products can be made at home, too.

We recommend a banana mask for dry skin. Spread a mixture of one ripe banana, 2 tbsp. fresh cream, 1 tbsp. quark, and one egg yolk onto the cleansed face, making sure to leave out the area around the eyes. Leave for about 20 minutes and rinse off thoroughly with lukewarm water.